How To Change E-tickets

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How To Change E-tickets
How To Change E-tickets

Video: How To Change E-tickets

Video: How To Change E-tickets
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The life of travelers is full of surprises. Sometimes circumstances can change in unpredictable ways, and the planned trip has to be postponed. What if the tickets have already been purchased?

How to change e-tickets
How to change e-tickets


Step 1

At the moment, all airlines and railway ticket offices have switched to an online booking system. By entering the buyer's data into the database, transport companies guarantee that the seat on the plane or train is assigned to the buyer, while information about the sale of a ticket almost instantly goes to all online booking systems. When a traveler checks in before the trip, it is enough for him to present a passport, and the administrator will find his ticket in the company's database. This makes life much easier for passengers, because now they are insured against problems with a ticket lost or forgotten at home.

Step 2

When purchasing e-tickets, the passenger is asked to print out the ticket details. This printout serves as a reminder to the traveler, but is not a document confirming the right to travel.

Step 3

To return or exchange an electronic ticket for an Aeroflot flight, contact the Information and Reservation Service by calling the free round-the-clock telephone (495)223-5555 in Moscow and 8-800-333-5555 in the Russian Federation. You can put the operator up to date and learn further instructions. Keep your passport and e-ticket printout with you so that the operator can identify you.

Step 4

If you need to change or return a ticket of the VIM-AVIA company, please contact the company's support service by sending a letter to [email protected]. In the text of the letter, indicate your full name, contact phone number, ticket number, flight number, booking number, departure date. By returning the ticket, you will receive your money back. Then re-order your ticket

Step 5

You can change S7 airline tickets at any office of the company from 9 am to 1 pm. You can also carry out this operation on the company's website in the "My ticket" section or by calling 8-800-200-000-7, using the operator's prompts. To exchange or return a ticket, provide your passport details; the first and last four digits of the plastic card used to purchase the ticket. To make the operation go faster, please indicate the itinerary and booking number.

Step 6

You can change train tickets only at the railway station ticket office: this applies to both electronic and traditional tickets. When exchanging, present a printout of the ticket and passport.