How To Relax Abroad Cheaply In

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How To Relax Abroad Cheaply In
How To Relax Abroad Cheaply In

Video: How To Relax Abroad Cheaply In

Video: How To Relax Abroad Cheaply In
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Rest abroad is not an indicator of high property or social status. Anyone can go abroad, and a budget vacation can be no less interesting than one for which a lot of money was paid. Show your imagination, spend a little time and effort - and you will remember an inexpensive foreign voyage for a long time.

How to relax abroad cheap
How to relax abroad cheap


Step 1

You can significantly save on the trip by refusing the services of travel agencies. You can buy an air or train ticket, book a hotel room and choose an entertainment program on your own. When booking tickets, choose low-cost airlines, follow special offers on the websites of airlines, including foreign ones.

Step 2

Do not plan your trip during the holidays and children's vacations. At this time, ticket prices are significantly higher. Book tickets in advance and pay for them online, this can also save you a lot. However, tickets purchased at special rates are very difficult to exchange or return. If you are not sure if you can fly out for sure, it is better to buy a more expensive ticket that can be exchanged at no additional cost.

Step 3

If you plan on staying at the hotel, book it yourself, even before departure. A confirmation fax will assist you in obtaining your visa. The most economical option for spending the night is a hostel. This is a kind of dorm where there can be multiple beds in a room and facilities are usually located on the floor. However, there are also rooms designed for one person. Sometimes breakfast is included in the price of a bed.

It is also worth booking a place in the hostel in advance, especially during the "high season".

Step 4

When choosing a place for lunch, do not go to the tourist areas, it is expensive and not too tasty there. Focus on the locals - in small cafes and eateries located in the depths of the neighborhoods, you will be fed tasty, abundant and fairly inexpensive. Please note that in southern European countries, lunch is not served after 3 pm until evening. Observe the diet of local residents.

Stock up on a chocolate bar, a pack of crackers and a bottle of water so you don't have to overpay if you're suddenly hungry or thirsty.

Step 5

If you're tired of the standard hiking trails, try the most budget-friendly option - volunteering. Most often, such programs are offered to students, but there are options designed for adults or schoolchildren. Especially many volunteer projects are offered by European countries. The program includes several hours of work per day, plus entertainment and relaxation.

Volunteer camps are usually located inland, in places where ordinary tourists rarely travel. You are guaranteed accommodation and food (very good), the entertainment program is also paid for by the host. You only need to pay the registration fee (no more than 100 euros) and tickets to and from your destination. The entire program will take from 2 weeks to a month.