How To Escape From Lightning

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How To Escape From Lightning
How To Escape From Lightning

Video: How To Escape From Lightning

Video: How To Escape From Lightning
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A total of about 6,000 lightning flashes occur on the planet every minute. Lightning can not only injure a person, but also kill on the spot. Most of the deaths can be prevented if you take this natural phenomenon seriously and protect yourself from meeting with it in time.

How to escape from lightning
How to escape from lightning


Step 1

The surest way to protect yourself from lightning is to hide in a room with tightly closed windows and doors. In this case, it is necessary to turn off all telephones and de-energize the house (by turning off electrical appliances), because the electrical discharge caused by lightning can penetrate into the room directly through the telephone line or electrical wiring.

Step 2

Do not shower, wash your hands, dishes, or use water for other purposes while at home during a thunderstorm. Water is electrically conductive and can be hazardous.

Step 3

If a thunderstorm hits you outside, stay away from trees, metal poles, high voltage wires, high fences and iron gates. Even an umbrella with a metal handle is dangerous to hold. Lightning is attracted by these objects, it often releases a charge through the metal, which can hit you if you are in contact with a dangerous object.

Step 4

If you are in a car, stop, turn off the engine, radio and radio, and close all doors and windows. Sit inside until the thunderstorm ends.

Step 5

Remove from yourself and set aside 5-10 meters aside all metal objects that are worn on you or laid out in your pockets. They perfectly conduct electrical discharges.

Step 6

Never sit near a fire during a thunderstorm. The column of heated air has relatively little resistance due to partial ionization.

Step 7

Avoid being in open water during a thunderstorm. If lightning strikes water, it will strike the water surface within a radius of 100 meters.

Step 8

If your hair suddenly becomes electrified and stands on end, it could mean that lightning is about to strike you. To protect yourself, kneel down, put your hands on your head and bend forward. Do not lie flat on the ground, squat tightly.