How To Book A Hotel In Cuba

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How To Book A Hotel In Cuba
How To Book A Hotel In Cuba

To book a hotel in Cuba for the period of stay in this country, you need to select the place of residence, room category and number of guests, pay for the order with a credit card.

How to book a hotel in Cuba
How to book a hotel in Cuba


Step 1

Choose the hotel in Cuba that suits your needs. To do this, use the websites of tour operators, they usually contain photos of hotels, at the same time you can navigate the prices for ready-made tours. Read the reviews of those who stayed in the hotel you are interested in, keep in mind the fact that negative stories are always more common, since people feel it necessary to speak out.

Step 2

Find the website of the selected hotel using the search engine. As a rule, sites provide an opportunity to choose one of two languages - Spanish or English, if you do not speak them, an online translator will help you.

Step 3

Open the room reservation section on the website. Set the search parameters, enter the date of arrival and the date of departure, the number of guests. Remember that children under two years old stay with their parents free of charge, the hotel staff will provide a baby cot in the room. If you are satisfied with both the hotel and the price per room, click the Reservar button.

Step 4

Fill in your first name and last name in the special fields as they are written in your passport. Indicate the address of residence in Latin letters, phone number and e-mail address. You can leave the fields that are not marked with asterisks.

Step 5

Select the type of card with which you will pay for the order. You can use cards of Visa or MasterCard payment systems, but keep in mind that you will not be able to pay with Visa Electron. Please note that depending on the period for which you book the room, the number of days left before check-in, and the hotel's practice, the amount of payment may be 10%, 50% or the full amount of the cost of living. This will be indicated when making a payment.

Step 6

Please print the confirmation that the hotel will send you by email. It will need to be provided upon check-in. If you wish, you can contact the hotel by e-mail and ask to send a fax with a stamp and signature.

Step 7

Use specialized sites for booking hotels, they will help you set the search parameters for a hotel by star, geographic location and price.