How To Get To St. Sergius Lavra

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How To Get To St. Sergius Lavra
How To Get To St. Sergius Lavra

Video: How To Get To St. Sergius Lavra

Video: How To Get To St. Sergius Lavra
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The Trinity-Sergius Lavra is one of the most famous male stauropegic monasteries, located in the Moscow region, Sergiev Posad. It is believed that it was founded in 1937, when Sergius of Radonezh settled on Makovets, where his relics are located today.

How to get to St. Sergius Lavra
How to get to St. Sergius Lavra


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Sergievskaya Lavra is located in the famous town of Sergiev Posad near Moscow, which is part of the "Golden Ring" of Russia. Since 1862, Posad and the capital, as well as one of the most beautiful old cities of Yaroslavl, have been connected by rail. Every year during the high tourist season, additional railway routes are opened, so in 2012-2013 a direct connection was opened "Posad - Balakirevo" (northern direction) and "Posad - Passenger Yaroslavskaya station" (southern direction). The electric train runs, which has a feature noticed by local residents: unlike intracity transport, where rush hour falls in the morning and evening (movement of the population from work and to work), in electric trains rush hour from 11-00 to 15-00.

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A significant number of regular buses go from the railway station to Lavra. Travel companies offer group transfers; buses of this type can be identified by a large sticker on the windshield and an always present guide with a megaphone.

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Taxi drivers will also be happy to deliver the guests of the city to the Lavra, they have a dedicated parking lot to the right of the entrance to the station. However, the price of the service can be confusing.

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By intercity bus you can get to Sergiev Posad by route 388, this is an express train from the VDNKh metro station. Buses run every 10-15 minutes. Travel time excluding traffic jams is about an hour. Arriving at the place, you will need to walk. You need to go to Sergievskaya Street, which will lead to Blinnaya Hill, from which you can see a beautiful view of the Lavra. Then it remains to walk quite a bit, go down the mountain, go through the underground passage, and you will find yourself right next to the Sergievskaya Lavra.

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By car. It is worth leaving as early as possible, otherwise you will not be able to park near the monastery. From the center of Moscow you need to go to Prospekt Mira, after 45 kilometers you will see a turn to Sergiev Posad. Then you will need to drive a little more than 10 kilometers to the city itself. The main street - Red Army Avenue, leads to the Lavra. It is most convenient to leave your car on Bethan Street or at the Kalichy Tower.

Step 6

By train. From the Yaroslavsky railway station, you need to take the Komsomolskaya station to the Sergiev Posad station. Electric trains run daily and often enough. If by train, then to the station Aleksandrov or Balakirevo. These trains also stop at Sergiev Posad. By the late Liturgy, trains are required with departure at 7:28, and for the All-night Vigil at 14:31 or 14:37. Travel time is about an hour and a half.