How To Move To Kaliningrad

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How To Move To Kaliningrad
How To Move To Kaliningrad

Video: How To Move To Kaliningrad

Video: How To Move To Kaliningrad
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Until July 4, 1946, this city was called Königsberg. After the hostilities during the Great Patriotic War, the Kaliningrad region was annexed to the Soviet Union of socialist republics. Today it is an enclave of Russia, which fully corresponds to the European ideas of a "good city", in which many former compatriots want to live, and the Russians themselves

How to move to Kaliningrad
How to move to Kaliningrad


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There is a program for the resettlement of compatriots, thanks to which you can get a place of residence in the administrative center of the Kaliningrad region. But it should be taken into account, although it is not expressed in anything concrete, a rather unfriendly attitude directed against immigrants from the Commonwealth of People's States (CIS).

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A fairly important factor will be a good command of the Russian language, the ability to easily explain your desire to move to Kaliningrad. Often, those wishing to relocate to Kaliningrad are asked for documents, papers with a guarantee for providing a job. It is rather difficult to obtain such papers, given the level of bureaucracy in our country and the unwillingness of employers to take responsibility for an unverified employee.

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However, in the event that you nevertheless moved, but you were not accepted to the promised job, you can sue the employer and he will have to pay a rather large fine. A positive moment will be the moment at which you can enlist the support of people who have moved to Kaliningrad from the same place from where you are going to move. This will significantly increase the chances of resettlement. The compatriots resettlement program provides for the organization of the provision of a temporary residence at the time of paperwork.

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To obtain such housing, you must obtain a medical certificate and confirm your consent to pay for housing and communal services provided taking into account the time of year.

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transport. People living in Russia or the CIS countries using Aeroflot's services should have an internal passport with them when arriving in Kaliningrad.

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There are several railway and bus stations in Kaliningrad, so anyone can use this type of transport. In summer, they organize the delivery of passengers from St. Petersburg to Kaliningrad using ferries. Naturally, anyone can get to Kaliningrad with their own car.