How To Move To Live Abroad

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How To Move To Live Abroad
How To Move To Live Abroad

Video: How To Move To Live Abroad

Video: How To Move To Live Abroad
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If you are young and successfully working, then moving abroad will not be difficult for you, because most likely you will find a job there too or organize a business. It will be more difficult for those who have neither youth nor outstanding success. But with a strong desire, they can also leave. It is important to decide what exactly you expect from the move.

How to move to live abroad
How to move to live abroad

It is necessary

  • International passport;
  • other documents giving grounds to live abroad;
  • detailed information about the selected country.


Step 1

Decide why you are leaving. If the answer looks like "there are no prospects for person of such a profession, but they are, for example, in Canada ", then you can consider that you are already on the way to a successful move. If the answer is more similar to" I just want to change my life ", you will have to think about what to change and how. Interests everyone is different: for someone it is important to have a house in a calm and quiet place, someone has a prestigious job and career, someone the opportunity to do what they love. Having thought about this, choose a country to move

Step 2

All countries have different legislation, but almost all countries can be moved by marrying or marrying a citizen of this country, finding relatives, purchasing real estate or business, or finding a job. If the first two ways disappear (that is, you have neither a husband, nor a wife, or relatives abroad), you are left with a job search. To make sure that specialists like you are in demand, read feature articles or look at job search sites in the country to which you intend to move. This, for example,, or (for students and unskilled workers)

Step 3

The easiest way to start your job search is through the mentioned sites. You can also try to negotiate with recruiting agencies that employ Russians abroad. The employment process is usually quite lengthy: you will have to go through an interview, and your new employer will receive all the necessary documents from government agencies to apply for your visa.

Step 4

Students and young people can also try to enroll in a foreign university. Usually, tuition is paid, although in some cases grants are provided to foreigners. Admission rules for international students vary from institution to institution. If you want to study abroad, contact the administration through the university website. You will be provided with information about the recruitment of students, terms, payment, etc., and then they will also send documents for obtaining a visa.

Step 5

If you have some cash savings, you can purchase property abroad. In many countries it is much cheaper than in Russia, therefore, if you are striving for a quiet life in a quiet town with good ecology, then, most likely, your wishes will come true. You can buy real estate using the services of numerous real estate agencies that provide services for the sale and purchase of foreign houses and apartments. As a rule, all property owners are granted the right to reside in the country where they purchased it.