How To Exchange A Ticket

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How To Exchange A Ticket
How To Exchange A Ticket

The rules of the Russian Railways do not allow changing the departure date of the train for which the ticket was purchased. However, you can return your existing ticket and buy a new one on the date that suits you. At the same time, there must be free seats on the required day, and having a ticket that you need to return does not give any benefits.

How to exchange a ticket
How to exchange a ticket

It is necessary

  • - passport;
  • - available ticket;
  • - money for the purchase of another ticket or to cover the difference in the price of the old and new travel documents, taking into account the losses during the delivery of the first;
  • - visit to the box office of "Russian Railways";
  • - computer and Internet access to refuse electronic registration, if available, assess the situation with seats on the required date and, if possible, purchase a new ticket through the Russian Railways website or an intermediary company;
  • - bank card when buying a new ticket via the Internet.


Step 1

Before you go to change your ticket, assess the situation with the seats for the date that suits you. If they are tight with them, if you have enough money, it is better to first buy a ticket for another date, and then return the existing one.

You can buy another ticket at the Russian Railways ticket offices and in some travel agencies. If you have a bank card, you can do this on the official website of Russian Railways and on intermediary websites specializing in the sale of tickets for trains and airplanes. When buying via the Internet, in most cases, upon completion of the process, you can go through electronic registration for the train, after which a paper ticket for boarding you do not need, only a passport will be enough.

Step 2

But when returning a ticket, including an electronic one, a visit to the Russian Railways ticket office cannot be avoided. To return an electronic ticket, you need to go to the Russian Railways website or another website through which the purchase was made, log into your account and refuse electronic registration. Then write down the order number and contact the Russian Railways cashier with it to issue a paper ticket. To do this, the cashier will need your passport (or another person in whose name the order was made). If electronic registration did not go through, you can immediately go to the cashier to issue a paper ticket.

Step 3

When a paper ticket is in hand, the procedure for returning it is the same, regardless of the method of purchase. You go to the return ticket office, and if there is no such one, to any available one, show the ticket and passport to the cashier.

If there are several tickets, then all their holders with passports must apply to the ticket office to return.

After the cashier verifies the ticket with the passport data, asks you to sign the necessary papers and returns the money due, if you have not yet secured your travel on another day, you can immediately order the option of travel on another date, by another train, etc.