How To Relax In Odessa

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How To Relax In Odessa
How To Relax In Odessa

Video: How To Relax In Odessa

Video: How To Relax In Odessa
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Odessa attracts with the breadth of the soul of the locals and the contrasting nature. This port city is located on the Black Sea coast. Here you can have fun with friends, organize a family beach vacation.

How to relax in Odessa
How to relax in Odessa


Step 1

Get a map of the city, you need to plan your vacation route. For this, it is important to know about the location of the sea, the nearest parks, sanatoriums, historical sites, etc. Rent an apartment, buy a ticket to a sanatorium, stay at one of the many hotels. It is cheaper to look for a rented space in advance, for example, via the Internet or without intermediaries from local residents. In Odessa, about 15 beaches are open to the public, some, for example, Arcadia, are paid. On the territory of each of them, you can visit cafes and restaurants of various classes and levels. There are also attractions for children and small shops selling souvenirs and clothes.

Step 2

Visit Deribasovskaya Square. you can get there by minibus or bus. Houses built in the 19th century are located here. You can also see the monuments, visit the Opera House, renovated in 2006, and the museum, which often hosts interesting exhibitions, such as wax figures. go to the premiere at the Maly Drama Theater. If you speak Ukrainian, buy a ticket to the film screening. On Deribasovskaya street, you can ask local artists to paint a portrait, visit local restaurants that are famous for their national cuisine, try dumplings with cherries, borscht, potatoes with cracklings.

Step 3

Go down the Potemkin Stairs. The Marine Terminal will open in front of you, ships and liners dock here. You can take a boat ride. The trip takes about 50 minutes, during which time a boat or motor ship makes a circle along the sea coast. passing by the Lighthouse. Or rent a yacht, the cost per hour is from 5000 rubles.

Step 4

Go to the local Privoz market, where you can get acquainted with the peculiarities of the local color. Here you are allowed to try any products in unlimited quantities, a lot of humor and a large assortment of goods. Do not forget about the safety of your belongings, as in most places of mass gathering of people, thefts often happen here.

Step 5

Buy a ticket for a guided tour of local Venice. It is located nearby, but it is a contrasting contrast to the city. There is no sea here, local residents move to houses on gondolas, there are mountains around. Rafting is carried out, horseback riding, treats in the form of yushka, local fish soup, homemade wine and herbal tea are provided.

Step 6

Be sure to visit the catacombs, the tour lasts about an hour. Here, at any time of the year, the temperature is the same - 16 degrees Celsius, the exhibits reproduce the situation of the war years, the life of partisans, a lot of photographs of those years are kept here. The structure consists of shell rock, a material that is mined from the bottom of the sea.

Step 7

Take your kids to the zoo near Privoz. Visit the dolphinarium, where they organize shows not only with dolphins, but also with seals. Shooting is allowed here. On the ground floor, through the windows in the wall, you can see the floating inhabitants.

Step 8

Take a trip to Liman, the source of local mud, or the Kuyalnik sanatorium, where health procedures are carried out not only for guests, but also for local residents. There they treat well diseases of the female genital organs, joints, and gastrointestinal tract.