How To Have A Cheap Vacation At The Sea

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How To Have A Cheap Vacation At The Sea
How To Have A Cheap Vacation At The Sea

Video: How To Have A Cheap Vacation At The Sea

Video: How To Have A Cheap Vacation At The Sea
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Some people think that it takes a lot of money to travel to the south. This is confirmed by reviews in which people spend more than one hundred thousand rubles. But this does not mean that each person will need an impressive amount. Planning your spending in advance can save a lot. It's about how to have a cheap vacation at the sea, not counting the road. Transportation costs are a separate topic. Much depends on the remoteness of the sea, the type of transport and other criteria.

How to have a cheap vacation at the sea
How to have a cheap vacation at the sea

Necessary costs

The most important costs are food and lodging. To save on food, you should not go to cafes and canteens. Food is prepared independently. They even bring them with them if they go for a short time and by car. As for housing, there are 3 ways to save money on it. And it's better to use them all at once.

First, it's best to book in advance. Many landlords make a discount in this case. You should choose from private houses and apartments. In hotels, prices are higher. If the situation does not matter, it is enough to rent a room for 250 rubles per person. In this case, the shower, bathroom and toilet will be shared. But this is one of the options for a cheap trip to the sea.

Secondly, famous resorts are always more expensive than lesser known ones. Almost every village has a decent beach, well-developed infrastructure and entertainment. This does not mean that the rest here will be worse. But the fact that it will be cheaper is for sure.

Thirdly, you can find accommodation further away from the beach. It will be much cheaper, and you can get there on foot or by bus. Even taking a taxi will still be cheaper. For example, an apartment close to the beach costs 2,000 rubles per day. The same apartment 3-5 kilometers away will cost 1000 rubles. A taxi to the beach and back will cost 200-300 rubles, and maybe even cheaper.

Secondary expenses

Attractions and excursions also consume part of the budget. Therefore, it is better to abstain from most of the entertainment. But you do not need to completely abandon them. It is quite possible to go to the sea cheaply, while having fun. There are many attractions with a cost of 200-300 rubles. So you can only spend a couple thousand in a few days.

Sellers of fish, corn, souvenirs and other goods constantly walk along the beach. It is not necessary to buy them, especially since there is nothing special about them. To avoid the temptation to buy water, you need to take it with you in advance. This also applies to beer, as it is more expensive on the beaches.

Sun beds, mattresses and umbrellas also make no sense to take. It is easier to bring a towel, and sometimes hide from the scorching sun in the shade.

How many days to rest at sea

The shorter the vacation, the less money will be required for it. But there is no point in going for 2-3 days. The cost of transport will be the same, that for a day to go, that for a month. Therefore, the optimal period is 7-10 days. During this time, you can have a good rest without spending large sums. Even psychologists advise taking a vacation for at least a week a year. After such a period, the working capacity increases.

But taking a long vacation can hurt. For example, if you rest for more than two weeks, you are likely to get used to this image. Then it's hard to tune in to work. Although without money it will get bored faster than addictive. Since you can have a cheap vacation at the sea in a short time, you should not cut your budget for a longer vacation.

How much money is made

If you go for a week, you will need from 3000 to 7000 rubles for housing, from 3000 to 7000 rubles for food, from 1000 to 3000 for entertainment. Total: 7000-17000 rubles. This amount is enough for a normal rest for two or three people. But in any case, it is better to take a little more.