How To Fill Out An Application For A Passport

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How To Fill Out An Application For A Passport
How To Fill Out An Application For A Passport

Video: How To Fill Out An Application For A Passport

Video: How To Fill Out An Application For A Passport
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Despite the seeming simplicity of paperwork for a passport, the stage of drawing up a questionnaire is a lot of trouble and takes a lot of time. And often, due to acceptable mistakes, we have to go to the department of the FMS more than once. But do not despair, the most interesting is ahead - an unforgettable vacation in another country awaits you.

How to fill out an application for a passport
How to fill out an application for a passport


Step 1

It is obligatory to fill in the form only in capital letters. The first line indicates the full name.. If you changed your last name, you need to indicate it on the second line - the previous last name, first name, patronymic, registry office and the year in which you changed the last name. For example: "IVANOVA ELENA IVANOVNA, REGISTRY OFFICE OF MOSCOW IN 2000". If the surname has not changed, then we write “Full name. DID NOT CHANGE (A)"

Step 2

In the second paragraph, indicate the date of birth, the month of birth, write in full (MARCH 01, 1983).

Step 3

Indicate full gender "MALE" or "FEMALE".

Step 4

In the fourth paragraph, rewrite exactly as indicated in your Russian passport.

Step 5

Indicate the details of your registration - zip code, city, street, house number, building, apartment. Here you should also indicate your home number (with a code) and your cell phone. For example: “555222, MOSCOW, STR. LENINSKAYA, D. 3, CORP. 7, KV. 78, 8 (495) 333-22-11, 8-927-555-33-55.

Step 6

In the next paragraph, we indicate your citizenship - "RUSSIAN FEDERATION". On the second line, you need to indicate the presence of another citizenship, if you do not have, then you need to write "I DO NOT HAVE".

Step 7

Next, we write the series, the number of the Russian passport, when and by whom it was issued. For example: "36 06, 50555, ISSUED ON MARCH 22, 2000 BY THE DEPARTMENT OF INTERNAL AFFAIRS OF MOSCOW"

Step 8

In point 8 we indicate "FOR TEMPORARY TRAVEL ABROAD".

Step 9

In the next paragraph, you need to indicate whether you are receiving a foreign passport for the first time or instead of a used (or lost) one. For example: "FIRST" OR "REPLACE USED". If the passport has been lost, then you need to take a certificate of loss, and in the column indicate "REPLACE THE LOST".

Step 10

In paragraph 10 we write "WAS NOT" and after a line indicate "I DON'T HAVE".

Step 11

In the next paragraph, we indicate military duty. Both men and women need to fill out. We write "NOT CALLED (A)". Men under the age of 27 must provide a military ID and a copy of it.

Step 12

In clause 12 "NOT CONDEMNED (A)". If you had a criminal record, you need to provide a certificate of clearing a criminal record (taken in court).

Step 13

In paragraph 13, you need to write "I DO NOT AVOID".

Step 14

In the next paragraph, you must indicate information about the work for the last 10 years. In the first column, the month and year of employment and dismissal. In the second position and the name of the organization. In the third - the legal address and zip code. If you have not worked for more than three months, then you must specify: month and year, in the second column write "TEMPORARILY NOT WORKED (A)", in the third - the address and registration index. You also need to indicate the place and time of study, if it is included in the last 10 years of your life.

Step 15

If you change the used passport, then in the next paragraph you need to indicate its data. If you receive it for the first time, then skip the line.