How To Book A Hotel In Ukraine

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How To Book A Hotel In Ukraine
How To Book A Hotel In Ukraine

Video: How To Book A Hotel In Ukraine

Video: How To Book A Hotel In Ukraine
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Booking a hotel makes it possible to secure a room in another city in advance. Thanks to this, during a trip to Ukraine, you will not need to worry about where to stay and spend the night.

How to book a hotel in Ukraine
How to book a hotel in Ukraine


  • - telephone;
  • - the Internet;
  • - money for making an advance payment.


Step 1

Book your hotel online. Today, almost all hotels have their own website where you can book a room in advance. Their list is issued by any search engine for the query "City hotels …". You can also find information about Ukrainian hotels on the website

Step 2

Carefully study all the options offered, familiarize yourself with the prices, rules and conditions of booking, as well as the availability of rooms. Pay attention to the location of the hotel, because not only the price will depend on this, but also your comfort during the trip. After that, choose the option that suits you.

Step 3

Find on the website a menu item called "Book a room" or "Online booking". In the form that appears, enter your last name, first name, patronymic, phone number or email address for feedback. Then choose the room you need or indicate the number and age of visitors, so that the system itself can choose the right option for you. Enter the desired time period, type of food and other requested information. Then click on the "Book" button.

Step 4

A letter should be sent to the indicated email address containing the invoice for hotel accommodation, which will need to be paid upon arrival at the hotel. A separate line is usually the amount of the prepayment, on the basis of which the room is booked. The amount depends on the hotel, but most often it is about 10 percent of the total bill. The invoice is usually calculated in hryvnia, but the approximate cost is often indicated in rubles or dollars, which depends on the exchange rate on a particular day.

Step 5

Make a prepayment to the hotel's account within the time specified in the booking rules for a particular hotel. Usually, money can be deposited with a bank card transfer. Payment from Russia is made in rubles. After making the payment, a confirmation of the hotel reservation should be sent to your e-mail.

Step 6

To book a room by phone, you need to contact the hotel administrator, whose phone number can also be found on the Internet. Answer his questions, after which you will receive an invoice using the feedback form you specified, which can be paid in the way described above.