How To Travel Without Money

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How To Travel Without Money
How To Travel Without Money

No one doubts that traveling is very interesting, but many are sure that it takes a lot of money. However, there is a travel style that requires little or no money. What can you do to make the trip free or at least cheap?

How to travel without money
How to travel without money


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To begin with, you need to understand that you still need a little money. For example, to make a visa to a country of interest. Even travelers who are known for their extremely low budget tours are spending money and that's okay.

Step 2

Don't be afraid to work on the road. Even if you left home with practically nothing in your pocket, you still have the opportunity to earn extra money. For example, ask for a dishwasher in a restaurant or help a store owner unload a car with goods. In general, aid is an extremely effective substitute for money. You do not have to be paid for your work, but they may be fed or invited to spend the night. This is exactly what a person traveling without money needs.

Step 3

Navigate in free ways. These include hitchhiking, cycling, or walking. Many have heard about the fact that you can successfully travel by passing transport over long distances. But some people don't believe this is possible. Just try it! There are known travelers who hitchhiked almost the entire globe. Another free form of transport is a bicycle. True, sometimes something breaks with him, and money is needed to replace parts. A safe option, when you depend on nothing and no one, is a walking trip. Some people have made amazing long journeys simply by walking on their own two legs. This method is available to absolutely everyone. Remember that by choosing a non-standard way of traveling, you are sure to acquire additional atypical impressions and get a unique experience.

Step 4

Don't be afraid to stay overnight with the locals. This can be done in several ways. First, if you are hitchhiking, you can make friends with the driver who lives in the city you need. It often happens that travelers are invited to an overnight stay by people with whom they managed to talk on the street or in public transport. It is very important to win the favor of the locals, for this you need to be open and not afraid to tell interesting facts about your trip. Wanderers are always of interest, and people are often willing to feed and shelter the traveler if he tells them something unusual. An excellent search for places where you can spend the night for free is the Internet. There are several popular websites that can help you find a place to sleep almost all over the world.