How To Get Out Of The Swamp

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How To Get Out Of The Swamp
How To Get Out Of The Swamp

Video: How To Get Out Of The Swamp

Video: How To Get Out Of The Swamp
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The word "swamp" in many people evokes not the most pleasant associations: it seems that something unpleasant and even scary is bound to happen in the swamp. However, in fact, swamps are one of the most environmentally friendly places on earth. Of course, this is not a reason to take them lightly. If it so happens that you are in a swampy place, stay calm.

How to get out of the swamp
How to get out of the swamp


Step 1

You need to move through the swamp without haste and unnecessary movements. But you can't stand in one place either. Try to step on bumps or areas around bushes and tree trunks. When stepping on a bump, put your foot exactly in the middle. Make a pole out of a stick or driftwood, on which you additionally lean and feel the bottom. The pole should be one and a half times taller than you, but any sturdy snag will do.

Step 2

If there are shrubs or even trees in the swamp, step precisely on their roots, as close to the trunk as possible. The desire to get out of the swamp as quickly as possible is understandable, but never jump over bumps!

Step 3

Low-lying bogs (the most dangerous type, feeding on ground and surface waters) are often overgrown with peat, under which there may be deep reservoirs covered with vegetation from above. If you fall into this, you will enter instantly to a rather great depth. At that moment when you felt a quagmire under your feet and the understanding came that now the layer of vegetation will break through and you will fall into the depths, the most important thing is not to stand still, but also do not make sudden movements. Feel the soil with a pole or stick.

Step 4

Even if you fail, don't panic. Try to get rid of the backpack, then the water itself will push you out. If you have a stick under your hands, place it in front of you, grab it and try to transfer the center of gravity to this stick. It will look like a bridge that will help you get out onto land. If there is nothing under your arms, take a horizontal position, moving the center of gravity from your legs to your torso. Now look for something to catch on to.

Step 5

Upper bogs (feed on precipitation) are no less dangerous. It is very easy to recognize them: they have the shape of a hat. In such bogs, the most dangerous areas are located on the outskirts of the bog. Remember: if a green area with grass is visible in the center of the swamp, there is a hole under it, a deep hole.

Step 6

Stay close to the trees in any type of swamp. If you have climbed so deep that there is only one quagmire around, chop thin branches, bushes and throw them crosswise in front of you. Thus, you can pave yourself an exit.

Step 7

In winter, most bogs freeze over. Be careful - the first snowball can mask holes and dangerous spots. If you fell into a swamp in winter, the procedure is the same: lie on your back, take off your backpack and begin to get out, leaning on it or a stick.