How To Get To Obninsk

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How To Get To Obninsk
How To Get To Obninsk

Video: How To Get To Obninsk

Video: How To Get To Obninsk
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Obninsk is a well-known scientific center in the Kaluga region. Here is the world's first nuclear power plant, now an experimental base and museum. On the territory of the city there are several old estates, mostly dilapidated. It is more convenient to get to Obninsk from Moscow.

How to get to Obninsk
How to get to Obninsk

It is necessary

  • - the schedule of trains from the Kievsky railway station in Moscow;
  • - bus schedule from the Moscow bus station;
  • - bus schedule from the Kaluga bus station;
  • - flight schedule to Moscow;
  • - road map of Russia.


Step 1

Since Obninsk is about two hours' drive from the capital, you can get from any city in Russia by plane. A bus or shuttle bus will take you from any capital airport to the metro. You need to get to the circular line, and along it - to the Kievskaya metro station.

Step 2

From "Kievskaya" trains leave in the direction of Kaluga. You need to take a ticket to the Obninskaya station. You must keep your ticket, otherwise you will not leave the station in Obninsk. You will have to travel by train for about two hours. It is better to come to the platform before the boarding announcement. This line is very popular to this day, so there may be no vacancies right before departure.

Step 3

Minibuses to Obninsk and Kaluga also go from Kievskaya. They go faster than the electric train, but the fare is somewhat cheaper. Minibuses also have a significant drawback - they can easily get stuck in traffic jams, which are constantly in the capital. It is especially risky to go by minibus on Friday evening.

Step 4

Minibus taxis to Obninsk can also be reached from the Yugo-Zapadnaya metro station. True, this option is more risky than the previous one. It is possible that you will have to stand in traffic jams all the way.

Step 5

You can also get to Obninsk by regular bus. They run often, but they leave from the Teply Stan metro station. It is located on the orange line, and you can change trains from the roundabout at Prospekt Mira or Oktyabrskaya stations.

Step 6

It is connected with the regional center, Kaluga, Obninsk by railway and bus routes. By rail, you will get to Obninskaya faster than from Moscow, in about an hour. Buses also leave from the Kaluga railway station to Obninsk.

Step 7

There are several options to get to Obninsk by car. Two major federal highways - A-101 and M-3 - intersect on the territory of the city. The first leads from Moscow to Brest through Yaroslavl, the second - from Moscow to Kiev. You can get to Obninsk by any of these roads. In addition, not far from the city (about five kilometers) is the A-108 highway, that is, the Big Ring. On it you can directly go to Obninsk from the Rostov, Minsk and Simferopol highways.