How To Scare A Bear

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How To Scare A Bear
How To Scare A Bear

Video: How To Scare A Bear

Video: How To Scare A Bear
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Meeting a bear in a deep forest can be an unpleasant and unsafe event. A bear usually does not attack a person first, unless you unwittingly cut off his escape routes or accidentally found yourself between the beast and its cub. However, there is always a chance of being attacked. Is it possible to frighten the owner of the taiga and put him to flight?

How to scare a bear
How to scare a bear


Step 1

When moving in the forest, watch your position so as not to be on the only possible retreat path for the beast. If the bear has nowhere to hide, he can try to attack you. The bear does not attack the enemy if he considers him stronger and more dangerous than himself. Therefore, when meeting with this dangerous animal, it is necessary to behave using the behavioral features of its response to a potential rival.

Step 2

A potential danger to a bear is a living creature that, at least, exceeds this animal in size. Thus, in case of an unexpected meeting with a predator, you need to visually increase your height. Raise any handy object above you on outstretched arms - a backpack, outerwear, a bucket, a basket, an oar, or just a thick branch picked up in place.

Step 3

Having increased your height, behave calmly, do not make aggressive swings in the direction of the animal and do not attempt to escape.

Step 4

Be extremely careful: if you see that a bear with cubs is in front of you, it is pointless to scare her, because, driven by the instinct to protect her offspring, she will prefer to grapple with the possible abuser of her children.

Step 5

If, for example, you are fishing and notice that a bear is attempting to attack the prey you have caught, do not try to drive the animal away with loud screams and noise. Even if the bear, frightened by the noise, leaves the place of its supposed free dinner, it may well return.

Step 6

The main recommendation is that in case of an unexpected meeting with the owner of the forest, avoid aggressive movements towards the predator. You are unlikely to be able to scare him with your actions, but you certainly can.