How To Go To Munich

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How To Go To Munich
How To Go To Munich

Video: How To Go To Munich

Video: How To Go To Munich
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Munich is one of the most interesting German cities. It is surprisingly diverse, here you can find both ancient architecture and its best modern examples, and there are so many cultural entertainments in the capital of Bavaria that you will definitely not be bored.

How to go to Munich
How to go to Munich


Step 1

Before having a hearty rest in Munich, it is useful to take care of all the organizational issues. You will need a visa to travel to Munich. It is best to get a German visa if you do not have Schengen in your passport yet. If you already have a visa, even if issued by the other side, you don't have to worry about it.

Step 2

The next thing you need is tickets to Munich. Oddly enough, flying directly to this city is usually not so cheap. Other German cities, such as Berlin or Frankfurt am Main, often turn out to be much more favorable in terms of the cost of the flight. You can buy tickets to any city in Germany where you find a good price, and then change to a train that takes you directly to the center of Munich. Take a look at the tickets offered by Lufthansa. Usually this carrier does not differ in budget prices, but it flies to Germany from Russia really cheap.

Step 3

As soon as your foot steps onto the old medieval pavement of Munich, try to forget about your usual rhythm of life in order to understand the way of life of the locals. Bavaria is very different from central Germany in their habits, the Germans in this region value tranquility, beauty and elegance, they are unhurried and know how to enjoy life - qualities that all guests of the city can adopt during their holidays. So just relax and enjoy every moment of your stay in this beautiful place.

Step 4

Be sure to take a walk in Munich. One of the most famous streets in the city is called Maximillian Strasse, with interesting and beautiful architecture and many fashionable shops. This is a place to visit "for show", as shopping can be much cheaper in other parts of the city. However, the architecture on this street is truly impressive.

Step 5

You will start your walk through the old town from the central Marienplatz square. This is a place full of life, where you will meet not only tourists with maps of the city and bottles of water in the side pockets of their backpacks, but also local residents, for whom this square is a favorite vacation spot almost from childhood. Explore St. Peter's Church, take a look at Munich from the nearby observation deck to marvel at the beauty of this city. Then walk to the next Karlsplatz. On the way, you will come across many branded stores, the prices of which will already be quite reasonable. Then go to Karlstor, or Charles Gate, to get to the Old Town and get lost in it. Enjoy the chaotically intertwining winding streets, go to all the shops or bars you like: you need to walk around the old city without a plan and a map.

Step 6

In Munich, public transport is well developed, which runs, as elsewhere in Germany, very accurately. Single tickets are relatively inexpensive, but there are options for frequent travel throughout the day or week. For those who want to spend several days in the city, it makes sense to buy such a ticket, this will save a lot.

Step 7

If you get tired of the hustle and bustle, then you can go to the outskirts of Munich, where two incredibly beautiful lakes are located right within the city: Starnberger See and Ammersee. Stunning summer sunsets are best seen in this part of the city.

Step 8

After relaxing on a quiet lake, you can return to the center to continue exploring the city: Munich's nightlife is next. One of the most popular establishments, a kind of entertainment center, is the Tropicana club, located on Friedrichstrasse. On its vast territory, there are 10 different nightclubs. You pay to enter the Tropicana, after which you can entertain yourself in any of these places, or in all of them in turn.