Hotel Safety

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Hotel Safety
Hotel Safety

Video: Hotel Safety

Video: Hotel Safety
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When staying at a hotel, you should take care of your safety. There are several rules, following which, you will minimize the likelihood of unforeseen incidents and troubles.

Hotel safety
Hotel safety

Hotel selection

Compliance with safety measures in hotels begins at the stage of selection. Sometimes this stage is carried out for you by the tour operator. Then take care to choose a reliable tour operator who will not settle you in a dubious place, but will only work with trusted hotels.

Choosing a hotel on your own on the Internet, check out the reviews of other guests. Reading them, you will learn not only how clean the hotel is, whether the service is polite and whether there are bugs, but also whether other guests have not noticed cases of theft or fraud on the part of the staff.

Also pay attention to the area of the city. Some urban areas are known to be particularly criminal. This point is especially relevant for countries with high crime rates.

The closer the hotel is to government buildings or police stations, the less likely it is to encounter criminals.

Check out the evacuation plan

If the hotel building does not have an evacuation plan, then find out for yourself where the nearest exits from your room are, where the fire alarm is located, if there are additional stairs and elevators on the floor, and also find the exit to the street closest to your room. Evacuation rules are very important, despite the fact that few people pay attention to them.


In some countries, criminals break into tourist rooms outside the building. In this case, it is good if you chose a room not lower than the third floor. At the same time, it is better not to settle higher than the sixth floor, since there you will not be reached from the stairs by fire trucks in case of danger.

When leaving, it is better not to hang out the sign "Please take away my number", because this is how you inform everyone in the corridor about your absence. If you are afraid of theft, it is better to post "Please do not disturb". You can also leave the radio or TV running. You do not need to give your keys to the receptionist, and you do not need to report when you return.

Do not leave valuables, electronics and documents in the room. In order not to carry them with you, place them in a paid safe at the administration.

In case of fire

If there is a fire in the building, then in no case should you use the elevator. You need to immediately leave the room and head to the nearest stairs. In a smoky space, crawl on the floor because there is more fresh air.

Do not break a window for air access if a fire starts in your room. This is how oxygen enters the room, from which the flame will flare up much more strongly.

If you cannot leave the room, then turn on the water in the bathroom, fill it, wet all the fabric items in the room. Plug any crevices with wet blankets or towels. In the event of a desperate situation, you can try to leave the room by wrapping yourself in a wet blanket.