How To Choose A Travel Bag

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How To Choose A Travel Bag
How To Choose A Travel Bag

Video: How To Choose A Travel Bag

Video: How To Choose A Travel Bag
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Experienced travelers know that the choice of equipment is extremely important, because hiking shoes, a tent and a waterproof one should never fail. The same goes for the travel bag.

How to choose a travel bag
How to choose a travel bag


Step 1

Decide what kind of transport you will use on your trip. Please note that you cannot carry baggage that exceeds 21 inches in height in your carry-on baggage when flying. If the travel bag turns out to be more massive, it will be sent to the luggage compartment. On the train, you will have to carry your bag down the hallway, so it shouldn't be too big. Decide whether you are buying a bag exclusively for your own needs, or the things of your companions will travel in it. This will also affect the size of the bag.

Step 2

If you are buying a bag on wheels, check the mount. Choose a bag whose wheels are attached with steel bearings. The plastic sleeves will quickly break and the bag will become unusable. Check the rigidity of the bottom and the presence of special solid inserts in it. The bottom should be able to support the weight of the bag full of your belongings.

Step 3

Take a bag with handles sewn from strips of fabric. Make sure these stripes go through the bottom in a “ring”, are well stitched and sewn tightly to the bag. The long handle should be with a shoulder pad. Check all stitches, fastenings and zippers. The clasps should work well and the seams should not be embellished with loose threads.

Step 4

Ask your seller about the durability of the coating used to make the travel bag. High-quality impregnation will make the fabric more resistant to getting wet and abrasion. In this matter, you will have to listen to the opinion of the sales assistant, because the quality of the impregnation can be checked only in practice, during operation.

Step 5

Buy a bag with interior pockets and multiple compartments. This will make it easier for you to pack your luggage. Plus, small items won't mix with your clothes and you can find them quickly and easily in your bag.

Step 6

Choose a bag made of faux leather or material. Genuine leather will quickly lose its original respectable appearance and will be covered with scratches. In addition, fabric bags are the lightest.