How To Register A Plane Ticket

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How To Register A Plane Ticket
How To Register A Plane Ticket

Video: How To Register A Plane Ticket

Video: How To Register A Plane Ticket
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You can check-in immediately before departure, in the airport lounge and in advance, using the Internet. Remote registration is especially convenient when using the services of large and well-known airlines.

How to register a plane ticket
How to register a plane ticket

It is necessary

Airplane ticket or booking number, passport data, computer, internet


Step 1

Use online check-in if your carrier offers such an opportunity and has its own website. Type its address in the browser and select Russia in the special drop-down list in the upper right corner if the site is multilingual. Then all instructions will be clearer. Or use the service of specialized Internet resources for the sale of air tickets, where it is possible to register in remote access. Select the airline for which the tickets are issued and follow the link to the online check-in page on its website.

Step 2

Enter your details. A surname is required, written as it appears on the ticket. If it is electronic, then the procedure is simplified. You go directly to the next page. If the ticket is paper, then type in the rest of the information: name, departure date, etc. Web check-in opens 23-24 hours and ends one hour before departure.

Step 3

Follow the instructions to select your preferred seat on the aircraft. Print your boarding pass. Now you do not need to arrive at the airport several hours before the flight. Drop off your luggage at the check-in counter showing your printout. If you only have hand luggage, go directly to the customs and passport control point.

Step 4

Check in at the Aeroexpress lounge if you are traveling to the airport using the high-speed train. As a rule, there are counters of leading airlines in the station waiting room. If you are flying on another flight, this option is not available to you.

Step 5

Use the self-service check-in kiosks at the airport. They are painted in the corporate colors of the airlines and have the corresponding logos applied to them. Usually kiosks are located near the official check-in counters. This method is convenient if you have arrived at the airport in advance and are waiting for a transfer. Follow the instructions and choose the best seat in the cabin. Kiosks start check-in 23-24 hours before departure.

Step 6

Please follow the normal procedure at the appropriate counter if you have non-standard luggage or if you are traveling with a child under two years of age. Special categories of passengers and persons who have bought tickets at group fares cannot use the additional check-in options.