How To Travel Around Barcelona

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How To Travel Around Barcelona
How To Travel Around Barcelona

Video: How To Travel Around Barcelona

Video: How To Travel Around Barcelona
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It is not for nothing that Barcelona attracts a huge number of tourists. After all, it is famous for its wonderful architectural structures, museums, galleries, and, of course, amazing nature. And if you decide to visit Barcelona, think over the sightseeing program so that not a drop of time is wasted.

How to travel around Barcelona
How to travel around Barcelona

Take a look at Gaudí's creations

Barcelona has a rich history, and anyone who wants to appreciate its beauty must first understand the very soul of Spain. The first thing you should probably start with is the world famous Sagrada Familia Cathedral. The peaks of this Gothic cathedral rush upward, as if they are trying to pierce the sky through and through, and its general architecture will not leave absolutely anyone indifferent. The work of the famous architect Antoni Gaudi will leave an unforgettable experience for you and your family.

Another great building by Antoni Gaudí, a building called Casa Mila, is a must-see if you are in Barcelona. Its stone facade resembles the waves of the sea with its curves, and in general, all of Gaudi's work was saturated with unity with nature, natural motives and the desire to rise above earthly life.

Talk to a guide at a good agency, usually. there are special transfers for tourists - large open buses or comfortable cars for those. who doesn't want to travel with a group.

Rate the paintings of Picasso

People who are familiar with art firsthand are advised to visit the Picasso Museum. This museum is one of the most striking sights, it is very important as a cultural component of Spain. The Picasso Museum is dedicated not only to the work of the great artist, and in it you will see his ceramic sculptures, famous canvases and sketches.

The Picasso Museum is located in the center, and therefore you can safely go to him by bus, fortunately, transport runs strictly by the clock, and at the stops there are electronic displays that notify the arrival time of the next one, as well as its route.

Monuments and memorable places

If you want to see several attractions at once and not depend on anyone, take a bike. This is very convenient, because even highways have dedicated lanes, and every significant building has parking lots and even valet workers. Please note that cyclists with children have an advantage, they need to be allowed through, they should be given parking.

The Olympic Village will attract not only sports enthusiasts, but also those who want to see the modern art of building in Barcelona. New buildings, beautiful beaches, many restaurants for tourists - the Olympic village was built for the 1992 Games by the best architects, and every year it attracts many tourists. It is appropriate to take a walk here.

Do not forget to visit the Columbus monument and the observation deck from which you can look out over the Mediterranean Sea. They say that the great discoverer himself loved to look at this wonderful picture, at the lapping waves and the setting sun. The fact is that in Barcelona Columbus is remembered and honored, and his monument inspires hope and faith in the future. In addition to all these attractions in Barcelona, you can find a huge number of restaurants, hotels and hotels, small cafes and outdoor dance floors.

Get around the city by bus, taxi, or you can even borrow a bike. It is best to have your transport card with you if you intend to travel around Barcelona on your own.