3 Places Where You Can Relax In Russia

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3 Places Where You Can Relax In Russia
3 Places Where You Can Relax In Russia

Video: 3 Places Where You Can Relax In Russia

Video: 3 Places Where You Can Relax In Russia
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There are many beautiful places in Russia where you can enjoy a pleasant and inexpensive summer vacation. Why go to exotic countries - get vaccinated, suffer acclimatization, expose your life to the danger posed by terrorists, when you can have a wonderful vacation in Russia. On the vast territory of the country, everyone can find a place to relax to their liking.

3 places where you can relax in Russia
3 places where you can relax in Russia

Rest in Crimea

With the return of Crimea, Russians have the opportunity to get acquainted with the diversity of the wonderful peninsula, appreciate exotic cuisine, admire the sea sunsets, feel the light touch of the breeze … Rest in Crimea begins with Simferopol, the heart of the region. It is here that planes, trains, buses arrive. Route taxis and buses run from the city throughout the peninsula, you can easily get to any area.

Rest in Crimea by the sea is attractive for its healing air, unique bays where the surf beats against the rocks and a crystal wave splashes, sandy and pebble beaches, which are in abundance on the Black Sea coast. Guests are always welcome here, the doors of numerous boarding houses and sanatoriums operating on the "all inclusive" system are wide open for them.

The resorts of the Black Sea coast of Crimea are known far beyond the borders of Russia and Ukraine. The resort town of Evpatoria is famous for its shallow sea, it is good to have a rest here with children in the summer. Yalta occupies a special place among the resorts of the peninsula. The city is located in a bay surrounded by mountain ranges - the climate here is the same as in the resorts of the Mediterranean. A feature of Alushta is the sanatoriums and boarding houses located right on the sea coast.

Where to relax in the suburbs

Connoisseurs of calm, discreet Russian nature can have a great vacation or weekend in the Moscow region. The tourist business of the Moscow region is actively "gaining momentum", improving traditional directions and developing new ones. Rivers with crystal water and blue lakes teeming with fish, clean air of coniferous forests, gentle summer sun await vacationers.

An inexpensive vacation in Russia is a worthy alternative to overseas tourism. In boarding houses and family houses there is animation, play and sports grounds, children's pools, mini-clubs. A quality rest with children will be provided by the VeLes family club-hotel, located in a protected forest zone. Wellness, developmental and entertainment programs have been developed for children.

A cheerful and pleasant vacation with children in the Moscow region is organized by the Akvareli boarding house, located on the picturesque bank of Protva. The boarding house has an indoor pool with water attractions, a children's entertainment complex, a children's menu is provided in the restaurant. On the shores of the Istra reservoir there are country hotels, where all the conditions for family recreation are created.

Rest in Gorny Altai

The unique virgin nature of Altai Mountains attracts a large number of tourists. Altai mountains with nature reserves are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The nature of Gorny Altai is not only beautiful, it is striking in its contrast - the tour route can start from a dry steppe area, go through huge tracts of taiga, falling off with sheer cliffs to the water, alpine meadows with edelweiss, cold bubbling rivers and end at the foot of the majestic Belukha hat.

Altai tourist is popular among fans of outdoor activities. Holidays in Altai in summer are fascinating and varied: rafting on mountain rivers, bike tours, hiking and horseback riding, calm and measured rest on the Teletskoye and Aya lakes, climbing Mount Belukha.

At the disposal of tourists are numerous camp sites that have everything for a comfortable stay: saunas, baths, sports grounds, tennis courts, cafes and canteens. Almost all recreation centers in Gorny Altai are surrounded by picturesque nature and are distinguished by affordable prices.

On the shores of the beautiful Katun there are countless recreation centers offering tourists a whole range of entertainment. On the left bank of the river there is a special tourist zone "Turquoise Katun" with unique archaeological sites of Tavdinskie caves, Kamyshlinsky waterfall. A special tourist attraction is the artificial lake "Turquoise Katun". The warm water of the reservoir and water slides attract families with children to rest. At many tourist centers in Altai you can not only relax, but also improve your health.