What You Need To Take To Thailand For A Child

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What You Need To Take To Thailand For A Child
What You Need To Take To Thailand For A Child

Video: What You Need To Take To Thailand For A Child

Video: What You Need To Take To Thailand For A Child
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Going with a child to Thailand, it is worth remembering that this is not just an exotic, but also a very hot country. The air temperature during the tourist season rarely drops below + 28 ° C, the humidity is moderate.

What you need to take to Thailand for a child
What you need to take to Thailand for a child

A trip abroad with a child is always accompanied by many questions. The most relevant: what to take with you on a trip to an exotic country so that the child has a comfortable rest. Especially when you go to Thailand.


Flights are especially difficult for babies. And many parents are concerned about the issue of nutrition for babies in Thailand, which is famous for spicy and piquant food. If the baby is breastfed, then there are no nutritional problems. The main thing is for mom to be there. Drinking water can be purchased at any store in bottles. Babies who use a bottle of artificial formula will find it a little more difficult. It is definitely worth bringing the formula with you if the child suffers from allergies and is used only to a particular brand of food.

You can take your hand blender with you to make puree for toddlers. On the other hand, you can buy it profitably at the resort, as well as use industrial food. It is as fresh and healthy as in Russia.

In addition to the mixture, it is worth taking for infants:

- light undershirts and diapers (three or four sets are enough, the rest can be purchased in Thailand);

- a stroller or a sling bag (if you go for a short time, if for a long time, you can buy it already on vacation);

- a mosquito net for a stroller (there are a lot of insects in the country);

- two sets of warm clothes (air conditioners in buses are actively working, there is a risk of catching a cold for the baby);

- a bottle for food or water;

- pacifier;

- one favorite toy from home;

- anatomical shoes.

Everything else that may be required at the resort can be bought already in Thailand itself. Toys, clothes, food - they are much cheaper than in Russia, there is no point in taking everything with you from home.

Schoolchildren and adolescents

Older children require a minimum set of things in Thailand. First of all, it is a pair of light sets of clothes, comfortable and familiar light shoes, one set of warm clothes, bathing clothes. There is no need to carry a lot of clothes, because in Thailand they are cheap and their quality is very high.

Additionally, you may need various gadgets that the child uses: a camera, a laptop and a charger for it, a mobile phone. There are no problems with Internet access in Thailand - in large cities, in hotels, in cafes, free access points work perfectly.

You shouldn't take toys from home. They are widely sold in Thailand, regardless of which resort you are in. Definitely worth taking from home a snorkeling mask. In Thailand, they are expensive (good quality - about 2,000 baht), and rented ones do not differ in convenience and quality.


If a child has specific diseases, then it is necessary to take all the necessary medicines and medicines with you to the country. Additionally, collect in the first aid kit:

1. Cotton wool.

2. Zelenka or iodine.

3. Sterile bandage.

4. Plaster.

5. Remedies for indigestion and abdominal pain (Thai cuisine is very specific and unusual).

6. Remedies for headaches.

7. Antipyretic.

Be sure to take out health insurance for your child.