How To Buy Cheap Flights To Crimea

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How To Buy Cheap Flights To Crimea
How To Buy Cheap Flights To Crimea

Crimea has always attracted tourists. For several generations, Russians have preferred to spend their holidays in this corner of the country. A variety of landscapes, gentle sea and hospitable inhabitants of the peninsula - all this attracts a stream of vacationers in the summer season. Most of the tourists get here by plane, but before that they ask themselves the question: how to buy cheap air tickets to Crimea?

How to buy cheap flights to Crimea
How to buy cheap flights to Crimea

Airport "Simferopol"

Simferopol airport today is the air gate of the Crimea. There are several airfields on the peninsula, but only one, in the Crimean capital, accepts civil flights, the rest specialize in domestic traffic. The modern terminal of the Simferopol airport opened its doors in April 2018. In two years, they built an object worth 32 billion rubles and a passenger traffic of more than 6 million per year. Today the airport is one of the ten largest air harbors in Russia.


Where to buy

Flights to the peninsula are carried out only from Russian airports. At the moment, there are about 50 cities with which Crimea is connected by air traffic.

To choose the coveted ticket, you can use the search engines,, Their system quickly coordinates parameters regarding date, time, flight cost and company selection. All options will appear on the screen in a couple of minutes. Booking online has many advantages. Access to the sites is open around the clock. The ability to choose among a variety of flights, the relevance of information and ease of payment - all this saves time and effort.

Members of the Aeroflot bonus program can purchase a ticket for the accumulated points or redeem a significant part of the cost of the flight with them.

In 2009, pensioners received great benefits. The country launched a subsidy program for those who went on a well-deserved rest. The cost of the flight for this category of citizens has been significantly reduced, but not all aviation companies take part in the program and sell tickets at a discount. However, there are quite a few preferential flights, and it will not be difficult to find them.

What you need to know

The main tip for travelers: it is better to buy air tickets in advance. The price of flights invariably increases during the holiday season, so the optimal purchase time is three to six months before the departure of the liner. In this case, the cost of the flight will be much lower than a month before the departure date.

If you are not interested in a specific date, then you need to pay attention to the days next to the flight. This way you can save from 10 to 15% of the cost of the flight. Friday and Saturday are considered the most "expensive" days, weekdays are more profitable.

Better to buy tickets in two directions at once. Paired purchase benefits companies, so they reduce its cost. You will not only win, but you will also feel more confident and not worry about purchasing a return ticket.

On the airlines' pages, you should subscribe to the newsletter about upcoming flights. If you are interested in a specific route and date, messages about the best offers will be sent to your mailbox. If you make such a maneuver in a few months, you can save up to 50% of the ticket price.

In the struggle for customers in such a popular area as Crimea, companies delight customers with promotions and discounts. Therefore, it is worth taking advantage of the offered comfort when buying.

As statistics show, the cheapest flights to the peninsula are in the early morning or at night. The opening of the new terminal made the arrival in Crimea convenient at any time of the day.

Crimea is an amazing territory, and to be sure of this, you must definitely visit this beautiful place.