How To Restore An E-ticket

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How To Restore An E-ticket
How To Restore An E-ticket

Video: How To Restore An E-ticket

Video: How To Restore An E-ticket
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An electronic ticket (e-ticket) is a document certifying an air carriage agreement concluded between an airline and a passenger. The main difference from a regular, paper ticket is that an electronic ticket is a digital record stored in the airline's database.

How to restore an e-ticket
How to restore an e-ticket

It is necessary

  • - mobile phone;
  • - computer with internet access;
  • - money.


Step 1

If you have lost your e-ticket, you can restore it. There are several ways to do this. Go to your personal account, if it is on the website of the airline with which you have signed a contract for transportation. If you are not registered, then you will need to go through this procedure.

Step 2

Enter your contact information in the appropriate fields (name, surname, patronymic, address, phone number, date of birth, etc.). After a while, you will receive an SMS message containing the password for accessing your personal account. Use the specified phone number as a login, as well as the sent password.

Step 3

Pay for the restoration of your lost e-ticket. Transfer money to the specified Yandex. Money "or" MOBI. Money ". Subscribers of "Beeline", "MegaFon" and "MTS" can deposit funds through a mobile phone.

Step 4

Receive a notification from the payment system about the fact of successful payment. After processing the information, the airline will send you a link to the itinerary receipt at the phone number or email address you provided.

Step 5

Log in to your personal account again. Check your payment history. If the amount is credited, then you get access to your e-ticket. Print the e-ticket or download the e-ticket to your mobile phone. To do this, follow the link with the payment results sent to you in an SMS message

Step 6

Check the information: the open page should display an e-ticket with a barcode. In the event that the barcode is not reproduced, then print the ticket on paper. Tickets without barcodes cannot be verified. In addition to printing an electronic ticket, through your personal account you can view the history of payments made and change registration data.

Step 7

Call the hotline and submit an application for document restoration (Aeroexpress hotline number: 8-800-700-33-77). Calls within Russia are free from all phones.

Step 8

Send a letter with the parameters of the payment made through electronic money systems (find out the account number in your personal account) and your contact information by e-mail (for example, [email protected]).